The Walker Band has been around for nearly a decade being formed by brothers Jake and Clint Walker. Jake and Clint have played rock and roll since early childhood and have a collective 20 years experience playing out. The current line up brings long time childhood friend Alan McCurdy to the drums and a new face, Mr. Dave Anes to the lead guitar. Alan jammed with the brothers over a decade ago and the three decided to form a new version of The Walker Band in early January of 2016. It did not take long for the band to gain a reputation for being a rock and roll party band. Dave Anes was brought to the band in late February after recently moving to the Indy area from California. Dave is a professional shredder who adds big talent to the band. The Walker Band specializes in rock and roll bars and getting crowds excited about seeing live music. The Walker Band is currently booking shows for the remainder of the year along with an existing impressive lineup of upcoming shows. If you enjoy classic rock and roll and love to party check out the lineup of upcoming shows or if you are interested in booking The Walker Band visit our contact page which contains all our contact information.

Rock & Roll it will survive.


   Jake Walker/Guitar|Vocals     Clint Walker/Bass|Vocals       Dave Anes/Guitar|Vocals         Alan McCurdy / Drums